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As the regulator for barristers, we have a pivotal role in the legal system in England and Wales. Our work focuses on helping protect vulnerable people in the justice system, promoting access to justice and making sure that barristers provide high standards of advocacy for everyone. For example, recently, we have worked on policy development projects designed to help young people involved in the criminal justice system, those needing immigration advice from barristers, and those from other vulnerable sectors of society.

We have statutory equality duties to ensure that the make up of the Bar reflects the diverse nature of the society that it serves. These are duties that we believe in passionately.

We are responsible for setting the standards expected of all newly-qualified barristers, and for the education and training system via which they qualify. We recently finalised the new Bar qualification rules which were approved by the Legal Services Board in February and went live on 1 April 2019. The new rules enable the programme of reform known as Future Bar Training to be implemented and are designed to ensure that training to become a barrister is more accessible, affordable and flexible whilst maintaining the high standards of entry expected at the Bar.

As a senior member of our team, you will have a significant input into all of our work. With much more for us to do in the years ahead, there remains a fantastic opportunity for you to make a marked difference to the future regulation of the Bar. We hope you can join us.

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